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July 30th, 2010

08:38 am - Dissertation research help needed!
Interested in winning a gift card for $25.00 to Itunes or Amazon.com? Your choice!

Eligible participants are females between the ages of 18-25 who can read and write in English. This study will ask about your memories of teasing that occurred in your childhood or adolescence. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you want to participate in the study with a chance to win a gift card, click the link below!

**Please delete if inappropriate**

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April 15th, 2010

03:02 pm - Introductory post
Hi all. I'm an undergraduate 3rd year psych student in Sydney. I'm planning to pursue a clinical path later on, and I lean towards the more "science-y" side of psych - I love neuroscience, biopsych, pharma, etc.

I'm happy I found an Antipodean psych community, and I hope some of the members are still active :)
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October 1st, 2008

03:25 pm - rateyouruni.com.au
hello friends!

I am posting to pimp out a website produced by the people I work for. if you have studied in australia, this website is for you!

it allows you to rate your university on a variety of different scales. people who are thinking of studying can then go and have a look at what you've said, good or bad.

if you are a current student, make sure you fill in your uni-provided email address so that you can verify your status as a student of your particular university - as a verified student, your comments will be that much more valuable to those prospective students out there.

link: http://www.rateyouruni.com.au/

past or current students of any australian higher ed institution, come one come all!

x-posted :)

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October 12th, 2007

07:10 pm - Psych Students Studies - New Community

If you're a psych student interested in research, maybe you could consider a new psych students community.

This community is to allow psychology students to share their research efforts with other students, whether they be class projects or small individual or group research projects.

If you're proud of something, or looking for some feedback, this is the place to post it.

However, this community IS NOT for sharing straight assignments that could possibly be plagiarised.

Whats in? Class projects, research proposals, theses, individual projects (all properly approved, of course)

Whats out? That essay on freud for a counselling class, answers to five short answer questions.

It's a new community, so lets see it grow.

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May 26th, 2007

04:06 pm - Honours Thesis = Health & Wellbeing
Received today - thought you guys might be able to help out! It's not mine, it's somebody at my same university - USQ.

As part of my honours year at uni I am completing a thesis on emotional wellbeing and health. I am needing to obtain several hundred participants in a confidential survey to ascertain individuals level of wellbeing and general health. I have included below a link to a website where the above survey can be accessed. It would be much appreciated if you could take some time to access and complete the survey. Yours answers are completely confidential and are therefore unaccessible to myself or the staff of the university. If you could also pass this weblink along to any friends, family, colleagues and associates it would be much appreciated.

The web link is http://psych.sci.usq.edu.au/ols.asp?url=ewb

Thank you for your support and participation


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August 16th, 2006

01:12 pm - StudentFace.com.au has just launched!
First of all I apologize for posting this thread on your community journal but I think it might be of interest to University students.

We’ve been developing StudentFace.com.au for 8 months and we have just launched it (one week ago). We are now open for registrations. It is online student social networking website which aims to connect like minded students in Australia, it is first of its kind in Australia. If you find it interesting, please.... spread the word and let other students know about us. Feedbacks are much appreciated.



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12:17 pm - x-posted

I am calling out for papers, articles, art or any other means of expression for my Post-Graduate women's newsletter. The newsletter is to be distributed electronically in Australia and I am advertising for postgraduate women or women who have recently graduated from a postgraduate degree to submit an entry. Of course articles that are a shorter version of a paper/thesis from a research student are most welcome. Creative entries of creative writing, art, poetry or a review are welcome too. If you do not have anything of such nature but would prefer to write a short article on a topic, topics recently discussed regarding postgraduate women here have been gender balance, children and postgraduate study, safety issues on campus and sexism within student politics. Please respond with an item for entry, a title, your "everyday" name at either my livejournal or my email address capa_women@yahoo.com.au
You are most welcome to submit to my first australian postgraduate women's newsletter that will be distributed to postgrad student offices across Australia that are affiliated with CAPA electronically.

Best wishes,

CAPA's women's officer for 2005 & 2006

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June 21st, 2006

04:04 pm - psycholinguistics
I've been doing some reading on psycholinguistics [including 'Genie: A Scientific Tragedy'] and I am thusly strongly considering studying the field in college. However, I have but one question: what does one do with a degree in psycholinguistics [or, rather, a double major in psychology and linguistics?] I know that there are research and teaching positions, but...anything else?

Thank you an advance!

P.S. This has been annoyingly crossposted to a great number of communities.

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May 9th, 2006

01:28 pm - Beaconsfield Miners
Hi All,

I'd like to begin a discussion about these fellows. If you don't know what I am talking about, check here: smh.com.au

From a psych POV, what will life be like for these guys when they return home? How will they fit back in with their families? What role will psychologists play in helping them and their families? What help will they need?

My thought is that their rehab will possibly be very similar in some ways to soldiers returning from war zones. They band with their mates well, but don't or can't share experiences with their families, who can feel quite on the outer.

But what has motivated them to stay as strong as they did? What techniques would the psych have used?

Thoughts? Lets have a discussion - there are all too few of them on here lately.


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April 14th, 2006

09:40 am - SPSS demo!!
Hi guys and gals!

I'm not quite sure if you all use SPSS for windows for your data and statistical analyses in your Psychology course, but i know i do.

so i thought i might give u all a little tip.

if u always find yourself going into uni to undertake you analyses on SPSS because u cant afford the full version for your own home use, or own a copy of the pointless student version (which limits the amount of variables and cases u can use) and desperatley need to use SPSS at home (on a budget) go to this link for the full demo version of SPSS 14.

basically it is the FULL version of SPSS on your computer at home (YAY!) for FREE (wooo!). it has no limits to the analyses u can do.

it is valid for 14 days, after which it expires. as far as i know u can only use it once on your computer, but if i find out a way of having it for longer, i will let u guys know.

i hope that was helpful=D

have a happy easter holiday guys!!!
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