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Australian and New Zealand Psychology Students

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November 28th, 2005

05:52 pm
Hi everyone, just thought I'd say that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I've just been sleeping on this community for a while as it accumulates members. Thanks to everyone who has friended the community thus far. As for people who have just found this community for the first time, if you're interested in psych and have a connection to Australia/New Zealand please friend us! :)

I thought one way we might attract new members is through LJ's new "Schools" function. Since we already have a few Melbourne Uni members I listed "University Of Melbourne" under schools. Then when missusmona joined I added RMIT.

Perhaps future joiners could consider replying to this message and telling me the name of their school? Then I'll add it to the list.

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September 26th, 2005

02:40 pm

hi everyone!

i was surprised to find a community like this! anyway, my name's Monique and i am a second year psych student at RMIT.

i can by far say that i am mostly interested in Biological psych, biological origins of consciousness as well as controlled vs. uncontrolled processes (causality vs. destiny), and psychopharmacology. I am also the secretary of the RMIT student psychology society and am currently busy (even though it is holiday this week) organising our yearly function (this year its a Hobson's bay Booze cruise), doing a Lab report on excercise and circadium rhythms, as well as an essay on social settings and prejudice. So yeah, psych all round, hehe.

Has anyone else heard that your APA acredited subjects exams (for undergrad in Aust) will now change from multiple choice to short answer next year? well thats the rumor that has been going around at uni...

hope to see this community take off =D

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July 11th, 2005

12:17 am
Hi all. I’m a second-year psych student from Melbourne, Australia, and the friendly moderator of this community.

I study at the University of Melbourne and my main academic interests are in cognitive/developmental/evolutionary psych, as well as the history of psychology. Perhaps other people interested in joining the community could make an initial post saying where they’re from, what school/university they study at, and what their main interests in psych are.

Also, I’d like to ask if anyone has any suggestions about things that ought to be added to this community’s interests list? No doubt I’ve missed a whole lot of rather obvious things. Please comment with your suggestions! :)

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